Tax Return: Investment

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February 7, 2018
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December 15, 2018

Memo stick with words tax refund. Business concept.

The taxes that a company pays can contribute largely to the profits/losses of a company, whether it is a fortune-500 company or a small scale business. 

It is not how much you make but how much you keep that matters. Hiring BookSmart Accountants and using a tax filing software can work wonders which can save a company a lot of money depending on the revenue and expenses. The best ideas are those that offer maximum ROI with minimal risks. Here BookSmart Accountants discuss a few ideas:

  1. Invest it back into your business- This is the most obvious and safest way to invest your tax returns. You know best what to do and your business is the origin of the money so you already have proof that you have a working formula in place and can be rest assured your money is in safe hands.
  2. Invest in property- In this hustling and bustling world there is always a need for space in a cramped up city and the value of property has skyrocketed before so if you play your cards right then you can watch your investment grow in a matter of months.
  3. Invest in gold- The price of this precious metal has hardly seen a decline in the past few years- and if so, only temporarily. The basis of this investment is supply and demand. We know that the earth does not have an unlimited supply of gold and when the supply is not able to meet the demand, the prices are bound to go up. If you do not mind waiting a few years, this is a really good option as the demand will grow with the population.
  4. Invest in shares- The share market has seen great investors make copious amounts of money off smart investments at the right time. Keeping in mind the risk factor, you need to be utterly sure of the outcome and need a thorough research of where you will be investing your money and this can still mean your money might not grow; or grow exponentially – depending on how well you research and if you have chosen the right company.
  5. Start a new business. Having more than one market to earn from does sound like a good idea provided you have time. If you are unable to concentrate on both because of the stress, it could mean that you are making losses in both places.

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