Tax Deductions for Building and Construction employees

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July 8, 2016
Tax Deductions for Defense Employees
July 8, 2016

Building and construction employees can claim expenses as tax deductible such as work related car usage, travel such as parking & tolls, union fees or professional subscriptions, income protection insurance premiums paid, occupation specific or protective clothing such as fire-resistant clothing, overalls, safety-colored vests, non-slip shoes, gloves, heavy duty shirts & trousers etc, laundry and dry-cleaning expenses.

If you carry bulky equipment between home and work, the travel can be considered work travel and can be tax deductible.
In addition to it, building and construction employees can also claim education expenses that are directly related to the income producing activities.

Other expenses like phone, tools and equipment and overtime meals can also be claimed as a tax deduction.
If most of your work is outdoors, you can also claim a deduction for sun protection expenses such as sunscreen, hard hats, sun glasses, after sun protection etc.

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