Xero Updates 21st January 2015

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July 8, 2016
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July 8, 2016

As an accountant or tax agent we believe it is important to stay updated with the bookkeeping programs used by our clients. One of the commonly used bookkeeping program by our clients is Xero. We do not blanket endorse any particular program for bookkeeping as we believe our job as accountants and bookkeepers is to recommend a program based on client’s needs rather than promoting a particular program, however having said that we do love the work flow in Xero.

Xero have been continuously improving their program since their launch and again today came up with some new updates, below is a brief synopsis of these updates.

  1. You will be able to see Quotes Tab in sales dashboard and can convert quotes to invoices as well as customise quotes template.
  2. You should be able to title the new reports either alphabetically or numerically.
  3. Ability to view longer lists of statements in 100 or 200.
  4. There is a new quick find for addresses which verifies addresses as you are typing it.
  5. Purchase order numbers will be transferred over to bills, when converting purchase order to bills. It makes easier to keep a track of the purchases and I am sure your bookkeeper will love this functionality.
  6. Deleted/Voided invoices or bills by default don’t show up on the statements now, however you will be able to include them if you want.
  7. The inbuilt calculator is now available when entering conversion/comparative balances.
  8. While adding credit notes in Xero, now there is an option to approve and add another in the same click. This is particularly useful to improve time efficiencies of your bookkeeper if you are adding a number of credit notes in one go.

Not sure of the accounting or bookkeeping program you require, contact Tax Accountants Cranbourne  today on 1300 300 106 and we will help you determine which program is best for your bookkeeping requirements.