Does your Business need to register for GST?

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August 1, 2016
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July 5, 2017

In GST (Goods and Services Tax), 10% broad-based tax is levied on almost every goods, services and items widely sold or consumed in Australia. Let us give you an overview about role and some aspects of GST. If the annual turnover of your business is $75,000 or more then Yes, you need to register for GST otherwise not. Your company must be registered for GST within the time frame of 21 days after the threshold of $75,000 is reached. There are few businesses like taxi and rider-share drives which need to be registered for GST regardless of their annual turnover. On the contrary, Not-for-Profit organisations can register for GST till the threshold amount of $150,000.
Registration for GST can be done online with ABN (apply if you do not have one via the Australian Business Register or ABR.

How it works?
As mentioned above, the present GST rate is 10%. If any goods or services are charged $100 e.g. then the customers need to pay 10% over the charge paid to you against the goods or services i.e. $110. This additional amount in the form of GST is meant to be paid to the ATO (Australian Taxation Office).

As a business owner you must also be buying resources to be sold. The GST paid to get resources supplied to you can be claimed back as a credit. The GST accounts are balanced at the end of each GST period which is usually done quarterly. The difference between the GST hence collected on your sales and the GST credits you received must be calculated. This difference of amount is the net GST payable to the ATO.

Businesses with annual turnover less than $75,000 are also encouraged to register for GST because they might be spending extensively on supplies and would like to claim their GST credits from the ATO*.

(* Only applicable if the GST credits exceed the GST charged on goods and services)

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