Checklist for Tax Agent

Tax Me If You Can
July 8, 2016
Fringe Benefits & Payment Summaries
July 8, 2016

Below is the checklist with the information your tax gent will need you to bring to assist in preparing your income tax return.



  •     payment summaries or group certificates for salary and wages;
  •     lump sum and termination payments;
  •     government pensions and allowances;
  •     other pensions and/or annuities;
  •     allowances (e.g., entertainment, car, tools);
  •     interest, rent and dividends;
  •     partnerships or trusts distributions;
  •     details of assets sold that were either used for income earning purposes or which may trigger capital gains tax (CGT).

Deductions (in addition to those mentioned above):


  •     award transport allowance claims;
  •     bank and government fees  for deposits of income, and deductible expenditure;
  •     bridge/road tolls (travelling on business);
  •     car parking (when travelling on business);
  •     conventions, conferences and seminars;
  •     depreciation of library, tools, business equipment (incl. portion of home computer);
  •     gifts or donations;
  •     home office running expenses:
  1.         cleaning
  2.         cooling and heating
  3.         depreciation of office furniture
  4.         lighting
  5.         telephone and internet;
  •   interest and dividend deductions:
    1.         account keeping fees
    2.         ongoing management fees
    3.         interest on borrowings to purchase shares
    4.         advice relating to changing investments (but not setting them up);
  •     interest on loans for equipment purchase or income-earning investments;
  •     motor vehicle expenses (business/work related);
  •     overtime meal allowances;
  •     rental property expenses – including:
    1.         advertising expenses
    2.         council/water rates
    3.         insurance
    4.         interest
    5.         land tax
    6.         legal expenses/management fees
    7.         genuine repairs and maintenance
    8.         telephone expenses
    9.         travelling to inspect property;
  •     superannuation contribution by a sole trader or substantially unsupported taxpayers;
  •               sun protection items;
  •     tax agent fees;
  •     telephone expenses (business);
  •     tools of trade.

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