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July 5, 2017
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July 5, 2017

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A Business Tax Advisor is more than just a tax professional. It is a trained financial expert in tax laws. Every business welcomes tax season every year and whether this season makes you happier or makes you fall prey to unpleasant tax related experience, it all depends on how well your business tax advisor is prepared. ATO facilitates with self tax-lodgment services but still why business owners needs a professional business tax advisor! Well the answer is straight forward. By employing a business tax advisor you can save a lot on finances during taxation period and have up to date record maintenance so that there will be no last time record-pulling and doing it by yourself. Moreover, a professional tax advisor can help in seamless company’s auditing. Keeping updated tax regulations information and meeting all the standards are some qualities that make a tax professional a good business tax advisor.

Roles and Responsibilities of a tax advisor

  1. Tax planning cannot be done overnight as it is year-long continuous process in any business. A business tax advisor advices the company on its tax planning and discusses various strategic points to control your taxes.
  2. A business tax advisor may work as your tax preparer and look after the tax lodgment process from scratch till end. It is recommended that if your business tax is taken care by your business tax advisor than your personal taxation should also be handled by the same professional so that overall tax savings can be coordinated.
  3. Lodging a tax file does not relieve your tax advisor from its responsibilities. Any business can be notified for getting audited at any time. This may land you in difficult financial situation if not prepared beforehand. Having a Business Tax Advisor beside you can help escape from any unexpected situation swiftly. The Business Tax Professional will represent your company in front of the ATO.

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