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Individual Tax Returns

When it comes to finances, it is always better to have a second opinion from a specialist. A great accountant provides more than balance sheets for the company as s/he can make a plethora of opportunities available for the company. 

Choosing the right accountant is mandatory because it is not possible for one accountant to be able to maintain the same level of ingenuity in all the different sectors of an economy. Some accountants are proficient at handling a company in the service industry, while others are better equipped at handling a company in the manufacturing industry. 

Run a background check. Use social media sites like LinkedIn to check if s/he is part of the right circles or if s/he is connected to influencers in the industry. Also, run a check with friends via word of mouth to make sure s/he is well suited for the task.

Past experience. The clientele of any accountant can show how well suited s/he is to handle your company and if he has handled bigger companies. If so, he will be able to meet well with your growing needs and is experienced with important financial decisions. 

Interest. Does he show interest in his job? Does he take his job seriously? What is his area of interest? 

Cost awareness. What are the hidden costs of the company? What are the main generators of cost? A great accountant is able to answer all these questions. Sometimes, it so happens that even though sales of a company rise exponentially, the profits stay flat because the management is not fully aware of the hidden costs. A great accountant can avoid all the confusion by identifying the factors that affect cost.

Strategic planning. Running a successful business is not all about racking up the numbers. It is also about changing with the market to adjust with the new needs and making decisions based on partial information. The right accountant can tell you exactly how much risk the company is prepared to take when planning out a new strategy. 

An accountant knows of the finances of the company as a whole which is very sensitive information. Thus, it is important that the responsibility goes into capable hands. If you need further assistance with choosing an accountant for your small business, contact us at 1300 300 106 to have a conversation. 

The taxes that a company pays can contribute largely to the profits/losses of a company, whether it is a fortune-500 company or a small scale business. 

It is not how much you make but how much you keep that matters. Hiring BookSmart Accountants and using a tax filing software can work wonders which can save a company a lot of money depending on the revenue and expenses. The best ideas are those that offer maximum ROI with minimal risks. Here BookSmart Accountants discuss a few ideas:

  1. Invest it back into your business- This is the most obvious and safest way to invest your tax returns. You know best what to do and your business is the origin of the money so you already have proof that you have a working formula in place and can be rest assured your money is in safe hands.
  2. Invest in property- In this hustling and bustling world there is always a need for space in a cramped up city and the value of property has skyrocketed before so if you play your cards right then you can watch your investment grow in a matter of months.
  3. Invest in gold- The price of this precious metal has hardly seen a decline in the past few years- and if so, only temporarily. The basis of this investment is supply and demand. We know that the earth does not have an unlimited supply of gold and when the supply is not able to meet the demand, the prices are bound to go up. If you do not mind waiting a few years, this is a really good option as the demand will grow with the population.
  4. Invest in shares- The share market has seen great investors make copious amounts of money off smart investments at the right time. Keeping in mind the risk factor, you need to be utterly sure of the outcome and need a thorough research of where you will be investing your money and this can still mean your money might not grow; or grow exponentially – depending on how well you research and if you have chosen the right company.
  5. Start a new business. Having more than one market to earn from does sound like a good idea provided you have time. If you are unable to concentrate on both because of the stress, it could mean that you are making losses in both places.

If you need further assistance with investment for your small business, contact us at 1300 300 106 to have a conversation. 

Do you think piling up records in a corner of the office space is enough to keep your business up to date? Well, you might want to reconsider when you read this.

While most small business owners may think it’s easy to throw together big numbers ontax agent’s desk at the end of the financial year, they might be unaware of the complexities associated in case of mishandling these records.Doing it alone might save you money initially, but could land you into trouble if things were not done the right way. You need qualified professionals to help you keep a check on the ongoing updates while you run your business without stress. They can also assist you with keeping track of the progress over the years and provide you comparisons that could support the development of your next business plan. It is important to record every dollar spent and earned while running your business in order to be assured that you are headed in the desired direction.

So how about saving your time and effort for running and improvising your business and leave the nerve-rackingtask of maintaining your records and handling these complexities upon us! Our experiencedBookSmart Accountants can support your small business by providing the best advice and service as per your needs to help it grow better within the industry.

Give us a call today at 1300 200 106to discuss your needs and we promise to help you in the best way possible.

The finance industry comprises of one of the most detailed and diverse roles, i.e., accountancy, and hence the need of a competent accountant to manage such a significant and detailed part of any business.

The role of an accountant comprises of advising clients with their financial expenses in terms of taxes, profit/loss records, annual progress records, etc. with unbiased information and within legality of the associated authorities. They need to ascertain that their advice follows the limitations and boundaries of the government policies and framework depending upon the type and industry of business. Once a business appoints its accountant, he/she plays a crucial role in performing financial functions related to collecting, bookkeeping, analyzing, presenting and even forecasting accurate financial information related to the operations of the firm.

At BookSmart Accountants, we help you save your business, time and money as we provide our clients tax-planning strategies, budget forecasting, setting up of goals, etc. We provide high-quality professional tax accounting and bookkeeping services to ensure that you focus on other aspects of growing your business and leave your financial worries upon us. Our job role includes but not limited to:

  • Preparing budgets and implementing cost saving strategies
  • Analyzing profit/loss incurred by the business over a selected period of time and producing statements to record this information from time to time
  • Preparing and filing tax returns at the end of each financial year along with providing recommendations on maximum tax savings
  • Managing bookkeeping and accounting practices and maintaining procedures for accounting

Fur such an imperative aspect within an organization, the risk of hampering with large information associated with financial operations can be significantly high and must be taken care of. Due to these crucial tasks, it is evident that every business, be it small scale or large scale, requires an accountant to manage these financial decisions and information. In case of specific requirements such as tax management, one can even choose to appoint a tax agent who would support all queries related to filing taxes and minimizing these taxes as most business-owners pay higher taxes than they are meant to.

We can help you with all your tax related enquiries and can support your business by providing accounting and bookkeeping services. We provide taxation, accounting, compliance, auditing services to public and private businesses as well as individuals located in Melbourne, Australia

Our range of business accounting services includes:

  • Structural business advice
  • Tax planning
  • Tax return preparation
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • ATO negotiations
  • Audit consultation
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services
  • Compliance planning and management
  • Cash-flow
  • Performance monitoring
  • Business health assessments
  • State tax matters
  • Payroll taxes
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Budgeting advice and forecasting
  • Management accounting

Contact us at 1300 664 796 or visit our offices located in and around Melbourne to talk to our professionals. We also offer after-hour appointments suited to your convenience.

Santa is bringing the most wonderful and awaited time of the year. Christmas is the ideal time to give and take love and joy. After Halloween, people have already started counting the days. And if you have still not decided where you willset up party for your employees or colleagues and how much you are going to spend this Christmas, then this article will certainly help you to plan better.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of hosting holiday parties. The way you celebrate Christmas at work reflects your working climate and culture. The cost of a Christmas party is tax deductible only to the extent that it is subject to FBT, according to ATO.It is therefore important to plan and organize the party to ensure that there won’t be any tax problems in future. Not all your costs are tax deductible, you must have a clear knowledge about the expenses which are deductible and which are not.

Christmas parties have no separate FBT category. All benefits that employers avail from the Christmas function varies depending upon where the function is provided, the cost of the function per attendee and the basis that the employer is using in working out the taxable value of such benefits. Food, beverages and other gifts provided at the Christmas party may either constitute –

  • An expense payment fringe benefit
  • A property fringe benefit
  • A residual fringe benefit

These benefits are the actual basis of valuation, however there are special valuations rules that an employer may elect to apply. In case an employer fails to make an election, the taxable value is determined according to the actual expenditure. The “meal entertainment” fringe benefits can be exempt from FBT if there is a “Minor benefit” or an exempt property benefit.

Minor benefits are the ones where it-

  • Does not come under reward for services
  • Provided on irregular basis
  • Has a notional taxable value of less than $300

Exempt Property Benefit

If the party is held on regular workplace, where food and beverages including alcohol is served then it is deemed to be an exempt property benefit, thus, FBT free. This is quite similar to the occasional Friday drinks at work. Such property benefits are exempted by the tax law. This exemption applies solely to the employees.

For all Christmas parties that are held off business premises, the associated costs will give rise to FBT unless these costs are under the minor benefit. To categorize these expenses under proper heads is vital that requires assistance from accountant.Also, if you wish to reward your staff with gifts, you must know whether your gifts come under the “Non entertainment gift” or not. Non entertainment gifts are exempted from FBT.

There is so much more that you need to know about your tax and party. Plan your party considering all tax rules and regulations. You should seek the advice of ATO and accountants if required.

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